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Nuflow Case Studies


ISSUE: The steel box section cable conduits had begun to break down due to rust corrosion from Sea Water.

CONTRACT: Utilising Nuflow’s Blueline technology, Wigg Plumbing was able to install 2 x 6.8 lineal metre liners, allowing the conduits structural integrity to be re-stored without having to be replaced. The steel has continued to rust away while the Nuflow liners stay intact.

ALTERNATIVES: The alternative would have been to rip up the steel floor of the boat to allow access to the pipework, causing disruption & produce delays to the company & their clients. 


ISSUE: A brand new unit was experiencing constant blockages.

CONTRACT: After a drain camera investigation was carried out we found that a section of the drain was missing from construction of the footing. A Blueline patch liner was installed to cover the large hole & restore the pipes structural integrity. 

ALTERNATIVES: The client would have had to excavate the pipe through the thick concrete slab, causing possible structural damage to the footing. 

4 Coronation Drv Stuart Park (13).JPG

Residential Customer

Nilsen Pty Ltd

ISSUE: Water was entering the electrical conduit feeding the Royal Darwin Hospitals Oncology unit MRI Machine. 

CONTRACT: Utilising Nuflows Blueline technology we were able to install 4 x 100mm liners, each 9 metres long covering all the joins in the conduit stopping any further water entering.

ALTERNATIVES: No economically viable alternatives were available so the appropriate work was carried out in a timely manner to ensure work was not interrupted. 

Broken Drain.jpg

ISSUE: 100mm drainage line was damaged during exaction for the concrete slab footing and going unnoticed until tenants had moved in. 


CONTRACT: Utilising Nuflows Blueline Technology we were able to Reline over the hole in the pipe stopping the ground from washing away and re-structuring the oval pipe back to its original round shape.

ALTERNATIVES: Lift up tiles in dining room, jackhammer a hole in the dining room floor, excavate the exposed aggregate veranda & tunnel underneath the footing, cut damaged section of pipe out a connect new.

Residential Builder

ISSUE: Poor installation of concrete stormwater pipes resulted in misaligned joins & holes in the pipes from breaking off the lifting lugs.


CONTRACT: Utilising Nuflows Blueline Technology we were able to install 80, 1m patch liners, ranging from 300mm to 525mm restoring the drains structural integrity.

ALTERNATIVES: Excavating the newly laid roads and relaying the storm water pipes. All alternatives were un-economical.

Civil Construction.jpg

Civil Construction


Victoria Daly

Regional Council

ISSUE: Poor installation of the joint of the drainage pipe resulting in dirt washing into storm water causing the road to subside. The pipe had become misaligned & would eventually collapse. 

CONTRACT: Utilising Nuflows Blueline Technology we were able to install a 600mm patch liner covering the join, restoring the structural integrity & securing the join in place. 

ALTERNATIVES: The alternative would have been to dig up the drain which was located beside a road, so the outcome made a 2-3 day job take only 1 day.

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